Parabolic Solar Trough – Water Heater, Steam Generator

Parabolic troughs operate at about 75% efficiency and at 495 square foot can collect approximately 270 kWh / 10 hours on a clear day.

Parabolic Troughs have Concentrated Solar Power which heats water (fluid) up to 400 degrees C. making steam for electricity and heats water safe to drink.

Parabolic Solar Trough collectors use mirrored surfaces curved in a linearly extended parabolic shape to focus solar energy on a receiver tube running the length of the trough. Water is pumped through the receiver tube, the water is then heated as it passes through the receiver tube. The parabolic solar trough uses a mechanical slewing drive with a electronic tracker that uses a mathematical algorithm to track the sun. The tracker is orientated north to south and tracks the sun east to west. Our parabolic solar trough collectors can collect solar energy up to 10 hours per day compared to a 6 hour day with regular flat plate collectors. Shown in the picture above is a one 61.87 sq. ft. section of our parabolic solar trough, several sections can be ganged together to make a large parabolic solar water heater / steam heating system / solar powered heater. 8 sections make up a 495 sq. ft. solar parabolic trough.

In a more elaborate set up our parabolic solar trough can be used to make higher pressure steam to drive a heat engine (steam engine or turbine) to make electricity or directly into a mechanical drive.

The parabolic solar trough operates at about 75% efficiency, and at 495 square foot can collect approximately 270 kWh / 10 hours on a clear day. Our solar trough collects solar energy that can be used to do work such as to heat water to higher temperatures of 212°F (100° C), killing all bacteria in the water making the water safe to drink. In many 3rd world countries safe drink water is a problem. (Note) this system will not remove any chemicals in the water. If the water has heavy sediments a sediment filter should be used in conjunction with our Parabolic trough water heater / steam generator.

This solar trough can create steam to be used for cooking in a large pressure cooker. Cooking with steam takes 1/3 of the time as regular cooking. The steam can be also used in a canning process for a community. During harvest time much of the abundance of produce in the fields spoils. The parabolic solar trough thermal water heater can be used to sterilize the jars, blanch the fruits or vegetables, then use the 240°F – 15 PSI steam for the canning process.

  • Our Parabolic solar troughs can be used to create solar energy / solar hot water / steam cooker / pressure a steam engine
  • This solar trough tracks the sun using a mathematical algorithm and will not chase shadows from clouds.
  • Heavy duty, light-weight, durable, patented parabolic trough reflectors, uses the latest technology to make the parabolic solar trough. CNC precision is used in the process of making our parabolic troughs. A precision made parabolic trough can focus more solar on a receiver tube collecting for more solar energy.
  • Solar Troughs are easy to assemble, it takes 2 men approximately 1 week to assemble.
  • Made in USA.
  • Patented new technology to make a parabolic solar tough better, less expensive, more accurate.

Boiling Drinking Water

Boiling is the most certain way of killing all microorganisms. According to the Wilderness Medical Society. Water temperatures at 160° F (70° C) kill all pathogens within 30 minutes. Water temperatures above 185° F (85° C) kill all pathogens within a few minutes. So in the time it takes for water to reach the boiling point (212° F or 100° C) all pathogens will be killed, even at high altitude. The moment your drinking water reaches a rolling boil, the water has already become safe to drink.

Questions and answers on boiling drinking water.

How Many Minutes To Boil Water Until Safe To Drink

  • 30 minutes at 160° F or 70° C
  • 3 minutes at 185° F or 85° C
  • Instant at 212° F or 100° C

NOTE: Caveats regarding Safe Water Boil Times: Boiling water will NOT remove chemical toxins that may be present. Very dirty water should be filtered first with a cloth or other material to remove sediments, and/or let stand for a while to allow sediments to settle – then pour off clearer water on top.

Concentrating Solar Power World Map
Map for areas suitable for Concentrating Parabolic Solar Power Troughs