Solar Trough Video

See YouTube Video on how our Parabolic Solar Troughs concentrating solar power works

Published 2014: Paul Soucy from environmental solar systems demonstrating on how his solar troughs concentrating solar power work heating a house.

How it works: The solar trough is mathematically curved so it focuses all the light energy from the sun onto the receiver tube.
It gets very hot at the return end. You can see the light concentrating solar power unto the receiver tube along its length. There are two lines coming from the house. The supply water enters from the far end and it gets heated on the receiver tube and then sent back as a hot water return to the house.

A the inlet end is our solar tracker. Over here we have an LED tracker with a shadow blocker. When the shadow is exactly in the middle the servo mechanism focuses sun energy on the receiver tube by adjusting the angle of the trough.
You can see how the light from the sun is concentrated perfectly on the heating tube. Now as we go into the house I will show you the water to air heat exchanger. As we go in notice the two tubes that come from the house to the heating trough, One is a return and The other is the supply.

And here we are inside house with the water to air heat exchanger. Inlet air enters in the lower register and goes through the heating coil and exits in the top register. The air is approximately 115° coming out, The outside temperature being approximately 35° today. This is a prototype and greater efficiencies can be achieved. Again this is Paul Soucy from Environmental Solar Systems with a preview of the Solar Heating Through, thank you for watching. Get more information about my company at:

RESOURCES  Parabolic Trough is a solar thermal collector that is curved as a parabola shape, lined with a polished metal mirror.   Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy   Parabolic Trough Projects Concentrating solar power (CSP) projects   Solar water heaters — also called solar domestic hot water systems — can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home.   Solar Trough Systems; These systems provide large-scale power generation from the sun and because of their proven performance, are gaining acceptance in the energy marketplace