SunMate Solar Panels – Heat your home with FREE energy from the sun

The SunMate Solar Panels from Environmental Solar Systems

SunMate solar panels are the ideal choice for homeowners and commercial buildings that want environmentally friendly and low-cost alternative heat. EASY INSTALLATION!

Sunmate Solar Panels Most Efficient Glazed Solar Hot Air Panel on the Market  (SRCC Ratings)!

Our SunMate solar panels allow you to enjoy FREE HEAT from the sun without any adverse effects on the natural world! The SunMate™ pulls cool air from your home, channels it through the absorber plate where it’s warmed by energy from the sun, then circulates it back into your home. A built-in thermostat, automatically turns on a blower when the absorber plate reaches 110° F and shuts off the blower at 90°F.

What sets the SunMate Solar Panels apart from other solar panels is the efficiency and design. One-piece construction produces a streamlined appearance that doesn’t detract from your home’s appearance. Heavy-duty, stainless steel and aluminum components result in quality construction that assures long life and virtually no maintenance.

A single panel heats up to 700 square feet. Double-sealed solar glass eliminates air infiltration and water leaks. Polyisocyanurate insulation results in extremely low heat loss and an energy fan operates for just pennies per day.

The SunMate Solar Panels are installed vertically and mounted on the south facing side of your home or building. The design accommodates 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” construction. Parallel installation allows you to integrate multiple panels for heating large areas.

See SunMate Solar Panel Data Sheet (PDF)


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SunMate Testimonials

Daron St. Jean, MA – “SunMate solar panels are a great way to save on your heating bill. I’ve had 2 panels on my house for 12 years now. On real cool mornings, my panel fans kick on around 7:30am and they remain on until roughly 4:00pm, heating the first floor of my house throughout the day, maintaining between 70° – 75°, even when the temperature is in the single digits. After they shut off it still maintains warmth for several hours into the evening.”

John Broski, Master Mechanic – “I was referred to Environmental Solar Systems by my electrician who has two SunMate solar panels installed on his house 15 years ago. Environmental Solar Systems installed three solar panels to heat my shop. I am a master mechanic and all my work is done in a professional and quality manner. I am very happy with my solar system and the quality and workmanship in the way it was installed.”


  • Weight: net 90 pounds
  • Dimension: 4” x 35” x 77”
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum frame
  • Maintenance free, anodized dark bronze finish
  • High temperature 3 pound polyisocyanurate insulation in the back and sides
  • Corrugated aluminum heat exchanger with selective black coating
  • 5/32″ tempered Low Iron Solar Glass
  • One piece EPDM rubber gasket around glass with double sealed RTV Silicon sealant
  • EPDM rubber seal for air ducts
  • SunMate Solar Hot Air Panel – OG-100 SRCC Certified Solar Collector
  • Single panel wall installation kit – includes 100 CFM 8.5 Watt dc Fan
  • Adaptor of 120 VAC to 12 VDC
  • Stainless steel screws and hardware
  • Aluminum mounting brackets
  • Wall ducts and safety grills


  • 5 Year warranty on the Solar Collector.
  • 1 year warranty on electrical & mecanical parts.
  • High efficiency and Reliability
  • Easy to Install with a wide variety of Simple Installations
  • Fresh Air intake for Tight Houses
  • Brushless, 100 cfm 12 VDC, 7 Watt Fan
  • The Fan thermostat automatically turns On at 110° F and Off at 90° F

Electrical Specifications

  • Energy Star Rated
  • Step Down transformer from 120 VAC, 60 Hz to 12 VDC 1000 MA
  • Direct 12 VDC 7 watts

The SunMate™ Solar Panel produces no emissions, no acid rain and no hazardous waste. Made in the USA.

See Sales sheet (pdf)

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Specifications subject to change without notice.



Ruth I.J.Boldan, Motley, MN – “My passive SunMate solar heat panel is entirely satisfactory. When it was installed on the south-side of my home in November 07, the solar heat turned on at 10:00am and turned off at 3:00pm producing 5 hours of 80 degree heat entering my home during the 22 days of sunshine that month. Most days the solar panel was the only heating unit used. It is now March 10. The hours of heat have increased, turning on at 9:00am. and off at 5:00pm. The 6 inch diameter heat column entering the port hole is always 80 degrees. So far this year 2007, I have purchased 95 gallons of propane for $190. Compare that to over $1200 spent for propane last year.

Passive solar panels are easy to install, perform quietly and efficiently and pay for themselves in propane savings in a short-time. When you consider the fact that the sun is free for our use, solar heat is free from pollutants, the panel operates efficiently and when you compare the cost of solar heat compared to propane heat — it seems obvious to me that solar heat is the future for humanity.”

Jason, MA – “The SunMate Solar heating panels are working well. They are an excellent investment. Last Friday, it was in the 20’s and they kept our house at 70 degress all day! The air from the vents can reach 118 degrees on a good sunny day. My only regret is not buying them sooner!”

Bernard Waxman, MO – “I thought you might like to get my feed back on your SunMate panels. We finally installed two of them about the middle of November 2008. They have been providing heat for an area of something over 900 square feet. With full sun and temperatures as low as the mid to upper 20s F, our furnace would not come on until late in the afternoon once the furnace had brought the area up to temperature,about 66 F, in the morning. I do think that the claim of up to 750 square feet per panel is quite an exageration depending on the outside temperature and how well the area is insulated. By the way we have R-50 in the ceiling and R-27 in the walls. I was surprised at how well the panels work even on days that are partly cloudy. As long as there is enough sun to get some shadows the panels will still produce heat.

With hindsight, I probably would have installed three panels in order to do a better job of heating during partly cloudy days and to bring the temperature up a bit more on days with full sun. Then there would be enough extra heat to keep our furnace from coming on until later in the day.

Anyway, thanks for making the panels and I hope you are selling lots of them. By the way, you might be interested in seeing my webpage describing our experience with the panels.””